Fur-Ever Wild cougars
Meet  Nala, Mufasa, Simba, Scar, Kovu, Wobbler and Ok-tock-tay....
He's one of our resident male cougar.
He was born at Fur-Ever Wild with his brother Scar, where we raised him by hand. (Even though he was raised by hand and seems friendly, cougars are North Americas most dangerous predators and should never be kept "as a pet". Caution ALWAYS has to be used while around these animals, as well as any other animal we have on the premises.)
He has a 16 foot vertical leap, he eats up to 8 pounds of meat a day,
Cougars are a solitary animal except for breeding. They will adapt to any weather condition,  this is why they reside from South America to Canada.
Posters of Kovu are available for $5.00 in the saloon or call for shipping. ‚Äč