Fur-Ever Wild is the place to come to find information about North American Wildlife, the importance of habitat quality and preservation, the reality of the balance between humans and nature and the
resident wildlife and the importance of ethical hunting.  
You'll find photos, fascinating facts, live demonstrations and profiles of our resident animals.
Our animals help us educate people about the world we share.

When we have live animals on display, the safety and comfort of the animal is important to us, so all programs are subject to the welfare of the animal.

Wild animals don't make good pets.
Appropriate care requires considerable expertise, specialized facilities, and lifelong dedication to the animals.
Their specific needs - nutritional, behavioral, social, and environmental - are
demanding to meet. It is very challenging to provide wild animals with the
proper conditions for a healthy, humane, and captive life. Most require specialized diets and more room than most people can provide.

The animals of Fur-Ever Wild can never be released into the wild. A wild animal has certain inborn behavior patterns but also require learned behavior to survive in competitive natural environments.
About Wolves-Woods and Wildlife.
A 501-C-3, non-profit, outdoor educational center teaching everyone about the great outdoors, including hunting, fishing, trapping and what mother nature has to offer. WWW is the traveling educational programs that will come visit your location.
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We do NOT exhibit the animals at the home location.

Donations WANTED!
​If you can,
Please bring new or used towels, bedding,
wheat bread, apples, carrots, Dawn dish soap,
extension cords, ​paper towels Fleet Farm gift cards, Menards Gifts cards, brooms, large garbage bags,  tools of any kind or​ empty pop (or beer) cans to donate.
​Anything and everything helps.