Fur-Ever Wild is a working agricultural farm,  that celebrates our traditional connections to the land and mother nature...
...from the pioneering trappers and hunters that traveled through and settled in Minnesota, to our ranchers and farmers who are feeding the world today.
Fur-Ever Wild is NOT ANTI-HUNTING, in fact we encourage ethical outdoorsmanship. We believe that people who are connected to mother nature will help in the efforts to make sure we have habitats for our beloved wildlife, wooded areas, open lands and hunting land for generations to come. 
Fur-Ever Wild will educate you with up-close encounters with our North American Fur-Bearing Wildlife we share Minnesota with -- We offer engaging live animal demonstrations as adult and children's programs.
Come face-to-face with a cougar,
Feed the farm animals--
Pet the mini horses--

Just a couple of the many adventures that await!

Fur-Ever Wild
Fur-Ever Wild is not an animal shelter. 
We are not able to take on stray or captured animals. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you find a home for these animals. 



Love Kovu,